LBD was founded in 2017 with the ambition of increasing voter participation in US elections, particularly state and local-level elections, where far too few people vote. An online voting platform was never the goal; it just happens to be the most effective way to achieve our mission.


Little Beaver Development strives to improve the strength of democracies world-wide by increasing voter participation through utilization of the safest, most convenient voting platform available.


LBD founder, Ben White, began considering a solution to the problem of low voter turnout in the United States leading up to the 2016 election. Of the many reasons that eligible voters don’t participate, the issue of inconvenience seemed both the easiest to solve, and the most impactful.

A mobile technology that allowed voting via an app was the obvious choice to encourage the greatest participation, but that left the question of protecting the integrity of an online vote open. Being neither a cyber-security expert nor a software engineer, Ben was forced to find a solution that didn’t rely exclusively on technology. Many long walks with the dog over the course of several months were required to hone the solution; LBD’s patent-pending method for ensuring the integrity of online voting.